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Innovation Broking is delighted to pull together a CSG insurance offering.  Innovation Broking has other charity member schemes in operation which work very well in offering additional benefits, better cover and often cheaper premiums.  With a wide variety of charities as members the offering will be individual policies, however CSG members will see the benefit of accessing the scheme.


To assist in ensuring the CSG insurance adds value and meets member requirements it would be beneficial to receive member's feedback.  If you are a member, please review the following questions in readiness for the meeting in January.


  • Would a CSG insurance offering be of interest?

  • Which risks cause issues for you in managing and risk transfer?

  • What risk management services would you like to see from your insurer/broker?

  • What insurance cover issues have you experienced?

  • What would you like the CSG insurance offering to definitely include.

  • Would free courses such as IOSH be of interest?  Are there any specific courses or training you would like access to?

  • Any general feedback on exploring CSG insurance.


Innovation Broking is an Independent commercial insurance specialising in board level advice and risk management services.  Based in London and Watford, Innovation Broking advises a number of charity clients ranging from small to the largest in the country.  The Innovation Broking charity division is headed up by Jonathan Taylor, who has over 20 years insurance experience working for one of the largest insurers in the world in Zurich Insurance.  Jonathan has worked with charities for over 9 years and advices a number of the top 250 charities on their risk and insurance requirements.  Innovation Broking are not your typical transactional broker, focusing on service and giving practical risk management advice to improve your risk.


For any members wanting more information on Innovation Broking please do take a look at their website for further details

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